New Products

It's Finally Here

Our new post pounder is finally here. Make your next post project quick and easy. Watch us put a wooden post into hard ground in just seconds instead of minutes.
Post pounder from Toku-America
Post pounder from Toku-America

Hand Tools

Toku-America enjoys spotlighting new products and we have quite a few new handtools to showcase.


This series of powerpacks complies with any demand on an efficient power source – irrespective of the size, the nature and the difficulty of the jobs. The powerpacks are characterized by a simple and sturdy modular construction with few wearing parts and an easily-accessible and user-friendly design. The individual components of the powerpacks have been carefully selected after thorough tests in our testing facilities, the entire series has a unique quality and therefore a high reliability.

Flow Divider

The flow divider is used to protect the hydraulic tool against overload when it is connected to excavators, trucks, etc. The oil flow divider has three built-in functions:

  1. The regulation valve regulates the flow to the tool
  2. The pressure relief valve ensures max. Working pressure in the tool.
  3. The check valve ensures that the tool does not work the wrong way around (reverse)
Overload is the greatest risk of damage to hydraulic tools when they are connected to excavators and trucks. The oil flow divider guarantees the expected life of the tool.