Breaker Lubrications

Hydraulic breakers are highly-stressed, add-on tools for construction machines. To reduce wear and tear on the chisel and bushing it should be supplied with special lubricants.

Stiker-Maxx central lubrication system guarantees the steady lubrication of highly-loaded bearing points. With the special design of the pumps, it is even possible to deliver lubricants with high solids contents like copper chisel paste.

Stiker-Maxx offers standard lubrication systems to tailor-made solutions.

  • Higher productivity - no waste of time for high lubrication routines
  • Quick and easy installation and start-up
  • Tried-and-tested components for highest reliability
  • Environmentally-friendly and economical due to low lubricant consumption
  • Reliable function even with very low ambient temperatures
  • Grease level monitoring


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