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Good morning, We at Swope Equipment, an equipment dealer for 57 years, would like to take a moment to recognize and express appreciation to Bud Moore, our Striker sales rep, for his outstanding service since he has been named our representative with Toku-America.

In no time in our family business history, have we had a representative of any brand equipment, including our present main line of Kubota construction equipment and previous 40 history with Cub Cadet, that has so far out surpassed all others, both in word and deed. Bud not only promises and delivers, but goes above and beyond the call of duty to help his dealers.

To our great surprise, Bud treated us to a full barbecue lunch last fall, and just this week he showed up unannounced for technical help on an issue that our technician was having difficulty with. His knowledge, expertise and guidance in the technical field far surpasses any other sales rep that we have ever been associated with.

In addition, we would be remiss if we did not take the opportunity to say how much we appreciate the high quality of Striker products. Their proven dependability has made Striker a valuable addition to our product line. Toku-America is most fortunate to have Bud Moore representing its product line and Swope Equipment is even more fortunate to have him as our sales rep.

Terry Swope, President
Swope Equipment

Good morning,

First, let me start by thanking you and your company for sending Dan out to assist us with the repair of Severino’s 310 hammer. It was your quick response in sending Dan out that impressed Ron and Tom Severino but also the professional and confident way that Dan presented himself to us at Reliable and the Severino’s. He is a valuable asset for Toku and a valuable tool for Reliable Equipment.

The repair had a few snags, that were customer-induced, but Dan was confident and did complete the job on time.

On Saturday morning I went to Severino’s office and was able to see Tom and his happiness was very obvious. He reminded me of our first meeting when Daren, you and I had lunch with him. He asked us if and when the first service was needed, would we be there for him? And with very little notice and the Storm of the Century upon us … you did it!

To quote Tom Severino, "We impressed the shit out him!" And he further said that "any and all hammers in the future that we need will be Toku" and referenced the possible need for the 7,500lb unit soon.

In an effort to capture his enthusiasm I pushed him further and asked of he could summarize the situation to Rick and Mark Charboneau, owners of Continental Paving who is the largest earth and paving contractor in the state and possibly New England.

Thank you again for Toku’s hard work!

Mark Cooper Reliable Equipment, LLC

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